Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I have a bike if I am not a resident of Greenwich LEN Area?
    Unfortunately no. The scheme is only open to those residents who live with within the project area.
  • How long is the loan period?
    You will have exclusive use of the bike for 4 weeks after which the bike needs to be returned for other people to try it out. 
  • Where do we store the bikes?
    The bike will be yours to use and you will need to take reponsibility to ensure the bike secured when not in use using the locks provided. We expect you to keep the bike at your home address overnight. The battery is removeable for charging purposes.
  • Do I have to insure the bike?
    No, the bikes are insured against theft through the scheme.  In addition there is also public liability cover for the user should they be the cause of an accident whilst riding the bike.
  • What happens at the induction day?
    The induction day is all about familiarising you with the bike and cycling. An appropriate bike will be selected and the saddle and handlebars will be adjusted to fit you. The operation of the bike, gears and brakes and lock will be demonstrated to you and any questions you have answered. Cycle maps and route planning advice will be on offer and so will advice about how to maintain the bike whilst you have it. You will also have the opportunity to sign up for cycle training and join some local rides aimed at building your cycling confidence. We will also be checking your ID and proof of address before issuing you a bike.
  • Where can I get help from?
    1. For major mechanical problems contact Simon on 07753 837947. 2. For punctures, repair kits are kept in the pannier bags or you can get these fixed at your local bike shop at your cost. 3. If your bike is stolen or damaged and you need to make an insurance claim please call 08447646464. 4. If you are involved in an incident which you think may lead to a claim being made against you telephone Butterworth Spengler Commercial Ltd on 0151 494 4400. They will send you a claim form to complete. 5. To take part in LCC guided rides or for any questions about LCC membership then please contact memberships  020 7234 9310.
  • How many bikes can I apply for?
    Each user may only apply for one bike. If there are others in your household who wish to get a bike then they must register separately.
  • Can I return the bike early?
    You can return the bike at anytime. Please contact us by logging a problem in your account. You will then be contacted to arrage a convenient time for you return and have the bike and accessories checked in.
  • Are there any restrictions on the use of the bike?
    No, whilst you have the bike we want you to use it as much as possible and you can go anywhere. However please remember that these are not mountain bikes and should not be used for activities other than cycling on the road, or firmed paths or tracks.
  • What equipment is provided with the bike?
    A good quality lock is provided with every bike, together with pannier bags and lights. A cycle helmet is available if you would like to use one.